UL stand for ‘Underwriters Laboratories Inc.’ established in US as profit organizations.
The main duty of UL is to study, experiment and inspection to protect human life, property from fire and theft, they are greatly trust among the at most trust safe guarantee and security of wide variety of fields such fire protection, heat-cool aircon and electric appliance. Some US state government require UL certified as the safe securities.

CSA stand for `Canadian Standard Association` they are well known as worldwide class authority, items passed in this products are equivalent value of US’s UL security item. In Canada, sold Electric products and oil fired equipment must have CSA approval otherwise not allowed to sell in Canada.

cUL is according to CSA regulation, UL conduct the test, guarantee the service with follow up and this is the equal lawful certificate of CSA by showing cUL mark.

We have UL, CUL approval products in various print method and materials.

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